ORGANIC COFFEE is still at its initial phase in Honduras and begins to attract an increasing number of producers and exporters. Sogimex S.A. has begun the processes to get the certification for the process and the export of Organic Coffee by BIO Latina.

We decided to be certified by BIO Latina because they are the leader in the certification of Organic coffee in Honduras and their certificate is very well accepted in the US and in Europe.

As a first step to the certification, the certifying body comes for a first visit of our dry mills to review and rate our business practices as well as the working conditions. Procedures will be defined for the handling of the organic coffee as well as all relative papers. Then a preliminary report will follow with recommendations on changes to be made in order to fulfill their standards. A deadline is set to have us modifying our practices according to these recommendations. At any time after that, the certifying body has the right to come to visit our mills to verify the strict applications of the handling of organic products.

Last crop around 7’600 bags (60 kg bags) of certified organic coffee have been exported from Honduras.


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