Due to its microclimate and high altitude location, Marcala is Honduras most consistent producer of gourmet coffee. Through our buying agency located in the village of Marcala we buy wet and dry parchment from rather small farmers. The greatest part of our volume is received in cherry and processed in our ecological wet mill. Controlling the whole transformation process from cherry to green bean we can insure high quality standards and preserve the outstanding characteristics of the coffee produced in this region.

The Wet Mill, which was acquired by SOGIMEX on the Dec 21st, 2000, is certified as “Ecological” by the Honduran Government. To acquire this certification, Sogimex installed a volcano rock filter that purifies the water by taking away all the chemical products as well as the organic material.

For the time being, it counts with the following equipment:
•  6 decorticators with a total capacity of 2'000 quintales cherries / day,
•  1 green separator,
•  7 fermentation tanks of 200 quintales wet parchment each. The fermentation lasts between 18 to 22 hours, depending of the weather (humidity and temperature)
•  4 dryers with a total capacity of 1'500 quintales,
•  1 pre-dryer with a capacity of 150 qqs wet parchment/hour
•  A total surface of patio for natural drying of around 3'000 m2.
•  1 cupping lab (2004), to pre assess and store quality wise. •  1 warehouse we rent to store the finest coffees as climate conditions in Marcala are the most adequa

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