Cup of Excellence:, This event of world-wide class promoted by the Honduran Institute of the Coffee, looks for to promote internationally, the quality of the Caf Ús of Honduras. For it, they invited 600 candidates of the 6 coffee regions of the country, which, through a process of selection in his first stage, selected 286 coffees,
Our Vision:, Founded in February 1986 in San Pedro Sula, Sogimex S. A. seeks to position itself as a traditional, well-established raw coffee exporter with strong local representation and a distinctive market presence. In its union with Ecom Group, Sogimex S. A. aims to achieve market leadership in Honduras, C. A. In pursuit of our vision of being a leading Honduras coffee shipper,

This coffee similar to the Sula Royal is offered 100% sun dried with zero defects. Fancy bags, typical box and certificates of production are available.
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