Visit of the Test Center of IHCAFE

Sogimex Staff visits the IHCAFE’s (Instituto Hondureńos del Café) Experimental Center in La Fé, Department of Santa Bárbara, Honduras.

The Center consists mainly of the following facilities:

· Educational Center
· Biological Broca Control Laboratory
· Ecological Wet Mill
· Experimental parcels
· Hybrid development center
· Ecological Coffee Drying Structures

A meeting also took place were different schemes were discussed in which the IHCAFE and Sogimex can work jointly, promoting sustainable certifications such as C.A.F.E. Practices and Utz Kapeh, were we can creat added values to our coffee and its producers.

The Institute and Sogimex are committed in working together both short and long term in the zones of Marcala, La Paz and in San Nicolás, Sta. Bárbara towards improving the overall quality of Honduran coffee and promoting it globally.

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