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HONDURAS The Republic of Honduras is located in the centerFlag of Honduras of the American continent and is country with greater mountainous system of Central America, has a surface of 112,492 km². and is distributed in 18 departments, limits the north with the Caribbean Sea and in the South with the Pacific Oceans. The official language is the Spanish, counts on a approximate population 7.500.000 of people and the National currency is the Lempira.

Honduras counts on a great biodiversity by the geograficas conditions that it has, within their important roubles has the export of Coffee, banana, precious Wood and Seafood, in the lasts years haso grown the development of centers of manufactures known like ZIP (Industrial Zone of Production) that have contributed to hires thousands of people.


In the Islas de la bahia (bay islands) we have the second Coralline Bank of the World, as much by its variety, size and beauty this true tropical paradise is one of the greater attractions than we have, since the tourism is intense in this zone.

From our ancestors we have the legacy of the Mayan Ruins, in the department of Copan, This is one of the richest zones arqueology speaking of the Mayan world.

Tegucigalpa is the Capital of the republic, is in the center of country, San Pedro Sula, well-known like the Industrial Capital of the country is located in the North side, is the axis of economy, by its location, is a city of much economy movement. Also we have to Tela, where are the best beaches of Honduras and La Ceiba or the Fiancèe of Honduras, here annually has the best carnival of country.

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