SOGIMEX In order to meet the always increasing requirements of the international markets, Sogimex tries to improve its offer by creating new brands in addition to the regular HG EP and SHG EP:

These are the different qualities appear that at the moment Sogimex processes, these have origin in the following regions:

•  HG EP: High Grown - European Preparation”, it is the main quality Honduras produces as it represents 70 % of the country’s coffee exports. The High Grown we prepare comes from El Paraiso and Yoro, it is produced at an average high of 1,000 m above sea level.

•  HG EP Sula Azul: “High Grown – European Preparation Sula Azul”, This is our Fancy High Grown, basically it come from the same departments but present more distinction in cup and enjoys an improved preparation, which does not exceed 12 defects.

•  SHG EP: “Strictly High Grown – European Preparation”, this quality is produced at a minimum altitude of 1,200 m above sea level, and comes mainly from the departments of Santa Barbara and Comayagua.

•  SHG EP Sula Oro: “Strictly High Grown – European Preparation Sula Oro”, it is our Fancy Strictly High Grown preparation, produced in the finest areas of Santa Barbara, Lempira and Comayagua. These communities are of great importance for Sogimex, SA since the product found excellent acceptance in the outer market. Aspect and cup qualities are upgraded thanks to natural environment and good producer practices.

•  SHG EP Genuine Marcala: “Strictly High Grown – European Preparation Genuine Marcala”, this coffee comes from the finest producing region in the country at an average of 1,450 m above sea level. Due to their great potential of quality, SOGIMEX has been making for some time great efforts to maintain and to improve the quality of the product. We acquired in 2000 a wet mill to be able to ensure quality control throughout the process and are running a sustainable project to help our clients to improve their practices.

•  Available soon on Demand:


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